Heart of the Baobab. Liturgical Arts by Scott Arany.

Liturgy isn't just a lot of words you read in a church. It's an exploration of the holy, poetic places where song, space, light, people, words and silence play together in collaborative communion. As a liturgical artist I make music. I write. I make thoughtful spaces for inviting the sacred.

A few of the liturgies I’ve designed over the past few years. Some are simple, some complex. The art of sacred space and time is one of my favourite mediums for creation and design.

Vespers for the City (pdf)
My final Master's Degree project for Fuller Theological Seminary. This is a worship service integrating the worship of the church with the mission of the church in an urban context, inspired by the theology and life of St. Ephrem the Syrian.

Easter Weekend 2011: Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Resurrection Sunday (pdf)
Listen to a podcast of the Holy Saturday poems and music.

Ash Wednesday (pdf)

Interfaith Prayer Vigil for Affordable Housing (pdf)

Fireplace Worship
A Friday-night vespers service that ran from 2007–2009, with a blend of contemplative liturgy, contemporary music and arts.
Cinema Divina (pdf)
Dwelling in Revelation (pdf)
Psalm 4 (pdf)

Communion—Light, Bread, Wine (pdf)
A communion service for a home church plant's early worship service, south of San Diego

Prayer: 1 Peter 2:19–25
Christ our Shepherd:
because You have suffered,
deliver us from injustice;
because You have been healed,
heal us from abuse.
Bear our sins and burdens;
bring us a just and righteous judgment.
Like You, may no sin or deceit be found on our lips or in our hearts.
Lead us—we will trust You, O Guardian of our souls.

Prayer for Lent
We are heirs of God’s promise
So we walk these forty days towards the Kingdom shore
like Abraham’s children walking for forty years
We are heirs of Christ’s salvation
so we share in the forty days of Christ in the desert
in His journey of suffering and passion towards the cross
and we journey towards redemption once again
to when we may claim the broken hallelujah of salvation.
Wait on the Lord,
take courage,
be strong in heart,
wait on the Lord,
for His promise is soon
Go out, walk closely with God, and live as heirs of salvation.